The Sitemorse platform is consistently applying, page by page, a vast array of rules and standards relating to content quality, search and governance across numerous channels.

We cover ten specific areas, Brand, Trademarks and Spelling can be setup to cover organisation-specific rules. Application of the content rules can be location, site, or market related.

Out of the
box...ready to go,

over 1,600

Checks, tests and measures.


Sitemorse covers the critical and complex set of WCAG 2.1 accessibility rules which are often not fully understood.

Details of Accessibility


Minimising risk and protecting brand. Sitemorse checks for configurable rules across your websites and social media footprint.

More on Brand


Code quality tests check that the HTML sent to visitors conforms to standards. For example, checking tags have been closed correctly.

Discover Code/HTML


Shows you how many email and off-site links were found during the Sitemorse test and ensures that they work.

Understand Email

Links (and Function)

Sitemorse checks that functions and links are relevant and connected to the right content.

What is Function/Links

SEO (Metadata)

Sitemorse checks for the issues and missed opportunities to optimise SEO, for example whether HTML keywords and description metadata fields have content.

Manage your SEO


Sitemorse monitors for performance issues on your site such as page rendering and identifies specific issues.

Maintain your Performance


Ensures your website or mobile app is GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, helping organisations navigate the current focus on data privacy.

Explore Privacy


Sitemorse can help check for spelling errors on a site. Manging spelling across multiple languages ensures local content is correct. It checks spellings of metadata, alt image text and more.

Check Spelling


Continuous monitoring of competitors should not be overlooked - what elements of your brand, trademarks and or IP are being used? Sitemorse can help manage your intellectual property both internally and across external partners, continually policing content and recording infringement.

Review your Trademarks/IP