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spelling icon Introduction

Sitemorse can help check for spelling errors on a site or user level. Manging spelling across multiple languages ensures local content is correct. It checks spellings of metadata, alt image text and more.

You are able to add words to the dictionaries and also upload your own custom dictionary.

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Walkthrough of the Spelling Category


The Content Reading and Spell Checking testing provides a management overview of the Spelling category showing the current score, the number of pages passing spell checks and a bar chart of questionable words.

You can drill down to see the greatest number of questionable words per page and then down further to see page diagnostics.

There are a further 7 areas into which you can drill down:

  • Common misspellings
  • Alphabetical Listing
  • Occurrence
  • Word view
  • Search filter matches
  • Languages found on the site.
  • Spelling cloud

SMARTVIEW can be used to highlight the issue on the page and also in the source code.