An introduction to the Spelling Category.


The Spelling Assessment is divided into our standard format of 3 specific zones:

At the top is the Management Zone, which incorporates the summary KPI information as well as the Year at a Glance.

The Year at a Glance allows you to see how the results have changed over the last year.

Spelling does not have a score, only a colour. Every site has its own dictionary and choice of words and giving a score out of 10 can be misleading.

As you mouse over the bar you can see how the score changed. You can click on the bar to view the assessment results from that date.

The Report Zone is on the left and this summarises the assessment results and shows how the number of Priorities, Secondary and Tertiary actions have changed since the previous assessment.

The Action Zone is on the right, this includes the What to do next section where you can configure your own banned words: words that you don’t want to appear on your website.

Sitemorse can support generic spelling dictionaries in over 130 languages.

SMARTVIEW allows spelling errors to be displayed marked up on the page.

If the word is spelled correctly, it can be added to the dictionary with a single click.

Sitemorse can also check for spelling errors within alt texts as well as in page titles.