An introduction to the Links Category.


Sitemorse assesses at links on your web pages as well as checking some of the other functions behind the scenes.

The Sitemorse Links Assessment is divided into our standard format of 3 specific zones:

At the top is the Management Zone, which incorporates the summary KPI information as well as the Year at a Glance.

The Year at a Glance allows you to see how the results have changed over the last year. As you mouse over the bar you can see how the score changed. You can click on the bar to view the assessment results from that date.

The Report Zone is on the left and this summarises the assessment results and shows how the number of Priorities, Secondary and Tertiary actions have changed since the previous assessment.

The Action Zone is on the right, this includes the What to do next section where you can view the priority actions.

The priority actions are the most important actions to address - these will lead to the greatest improvement. You also have secondary and tertiary actions.

Opening the priority actions reveals a list of the most important actions to deal with. In this example, at the top of the list, is the generic ‘fix broken link’.

Next on the list is ‘Fix Link Permissions’, in this example the issue is within a pdf document - Sitemorse treats PDFs, web pages and social media posts in exactly the same way.

clicking on this would reveal the actual PDF document.

This page shows another action where there has been a link added to the logo, which is coming up with the ‘access denied’ message.