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Links and Function testing detects issues that prevent your website from working correctly, for example broken links, faulty cookies and DNS issues.

We start by analysing the most important pages. The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine™ (SMIE) processes results, based on what is going to offer the greatest improvement, and reduction in risk.

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Walkthrough of the Links Category

Links / Function

The Function and Links summary provides a management overview of the Function and Links category. Priority actions can be shared by email

The top issues are shown together with the number of occurrences of each issue. Issues that have a very large occurrence are likely to be with templates. Fixing these will likely have a big improvement for the entire site.

You can drill down further into each issue and use SMARTVIEW to see where the issue occurs on the page and also see it highlighted in the source code.

You can also drill down further into specific link issues to see the details of links tested and which failed to respond correctly. These will be sorted by: all the links tested within the site; broken links within your own domain; and broken links to other sites. For each link you can see the number of occurrences in the site. You can also drill down further to get more information and use SMARTVIEW to see the link highlighted in the code.