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Our pragmatic approach has been developed from experience with clients over the last 15 years. We believe in driving continual improvement, rather than conducting a one-off improvement exercise.

The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine™ (SMIE) analyses the most important pages for compliance to you Brand guidelines. It processes results and prioritises actions based on what is going to offer the greatest improvement.

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The Brand summary provides a management overview of the Brand category showing the current score, a chart of performance over time and the percentage of pages with no priority actions.

The assessment is conducted either against a standard set of Brand guidelines or your own brand guidelines, if these have been provided.

The top issues are also identified, and these are shown together with the number of occurrences of each issue. You can also see the Secondary and tertiary brand priorities.

You can drill down further into each issue and use SMARTVIEW to see where the issue occurs on the page and also see it highlighted in the source code.