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Sitemorse is privately owned and our employees are shareholders. We have no VCs or banks to answer to, which allows us to be transparent in what we do.


...tests, checks and measures. Yes, really over 3 trillion!

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About the SMIE™

The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine (SMIE™) introduces machine intelligence as one of the critical and unique technologies that helps us to ensure we make compliance achievable for clients. We assess what is important when it is relevant – so removing endless reporting and removing 93% of time wasted.

The SMIE™ is monitoring clients ever-changing digital landscapes, understanding content and assigning value. Value is based on multiple inputs (including activity, consumption, scale and frequency of change and website position).

The SMIE™ brings consistent application of your defined rules (regulatory, corporate, industry, digital) to each page and determines the list of priority actions by intelligently considering the value, content consumption, likely impact of issues, resource availability and the progress being made with corrective actions.

SMIE™ then distributes actions based on the role and skill of the individuals, ensuring efficient resource utilisation, thereby addressing what is having the greatest impact. Two-minute learning videos are also available.

Often imitated, never equalled, for nearly 20 years...

We were the first to automate website assessments, the first to prioritise actions and the first to offer an improvement guarantee. We improve online experience, reduce reputational and legal risk and ensure brand standards are upheld.

We independently assess, certify, and benchmark websites – providing functional and compliance assessments along with performance measurements – reading your page content, reviewing your templates and monitoring your delivery infrastructure.

In 2006 we published the first independent benchmark that ranked public and private sector websites according to their Digital Capability – we call this an INDEX. Digital Capability is assessed across User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Governance, Risk and Compliance.