Sitemorse has offered many hundreds of tests, checks and measures to thousands of clients saving millions of hours – across billions of URLS, in fact to date:


tests, checks and measures have been run

For over 15 years...

Sitemorse, considered the pioneers even the first to bring automation to website checking, and now the first to guarantee to make compliance achievable. We improve online experience, reduce reputational and legal risk, ensure brand standards are upheld and Intellectual Property is protected.

We independently assess, certifies and benchmarks websites - providing functional testing, compliance checking and performance measurement – reading your page content, reviewing your templates and monitoring your delivery infrastructure.

It’s Really Advanced Stuff...

We are probably the mad scientists of the automated testing world at heart, always been complimented as the tech leaders - perhaps lacking in sales or marketing.

One of the great advantages (may challenge this!) of being a privately funded, no VC company is that we can do what we want - we can test ideas, push automation to new limits - and actually care about what we do and how we impact a market.

As we now look towards machine intelligence to assist with content correction - future for the original geeks is looking really quite rosy.

What is Digital Confidence?

Our managed service, introducing new levels of digital effectiveness and control.

We backup what we say with a simple guarantee - demonstrable improvement in the first year, or investment made refunded.

Full details along with how to deploy our service can be found in the document "Making Digital Compliance Achievable".

open book showing the Sitemorse Digital landscape process
Sitemorse report cover

We delivered the first INDEX
– over 10 years ago!

The first one - Top 100 listed companies...

Many thousands later, covering many sectors - we set the Global Standard in reporting digital maturity.