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Enables you to manage emails addresses across your website, documents, pdfs and social pages and to take action quickly when needed.

You can quickly find all the email addresses in use, where they appear and also see if there are any issues, eg inbox full or email address not recognised by the mail server.

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Walkthrough of the Email Category


The Email summary provides a management overview of the Email category showing the current score, a chart of performance over time, and a brief summary of how many email addresses were found.

Diagnostics provides details of actions by email address. SMARTVIEW can be used to view the email address on the page and also highlighting it in the source code.

Download, all email addresses, including their location for reviewed off-line.

Mapping shows where the email addresses are found geographically, and which servers are collecting email.

Addresses provides a complete list of email addresses by domain. Any with issues are highlighted.

There are 2 other useful functions: live testing of any email address; and the ability to find where an email address occurs on the website.