An introduction to the Privacy

Internationally, millions are being spent deploying Content Management Platforms (CMPs) that are failing the basic premise of achieving compliance.

Limited consideration as to the importance of certifying deployment and monitoring the impact of continual change.

The development of our intelligence-based Risk Profiling Engine (RPE) is built on 15 years in drafting regulation, 20 years automating content monitoring and the deployment of the largest CMP globally.

This now makes available new levels of automation to mitigate risks and lower the costs associated with the understanding, deployment and monitoring of your CMP.

Privacy Respect Auditor

Privacy is devalued if it is not policed effectively The P&C Privacy Respect Auditor (PRA) is an international standard that provides independent assessment of a website’s compliance with cookie regulation.

Delivered through our Risk Profiling Engine (RPE), intelligent automation delivers policing prioritisation based on risk calculations and continuous learning. The PRA score allows an organisation to focus on improvement, reducing risk and building trust.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are classified as those that are essential to provide an online service at someone’s request (e.g. to remember what’s in their online basket, or to ensure security in online banking). Essential cookies must be essential to the user and the operation of the site, not what the organisation considers to be essential to them.

Impact on your ‘brand’ reputation

Creating true transparency and control makes the difference when establishing brand trust. Brands that respect privacy by earning consent whilst delivering a positive user experience, will gain competitive advantage and be the ultimate winners in the digital economy.

How a PRA score is calculated

The PRA score is a mathematical calculation which considers the number, categorisation, and impact on privacy for the cookies and Web Storage objects being set on any given website. There is no subjectivity in the calculation, automated intelligence is used to identify cookies that are set ahead of consent being freely given.