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Sitemorse checks availability of the corporate privacy policy and that all sites have pages that link to the privacy policy.

Sitemorse employs Continuous Content Assessment across the policy content to look for variations against the standard. Where content rules are not met an alert is triggered, for example, where there has been a corporate name, or registered office change.

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Content requiring correction, will trigger a corrective action that is routed directly to the content owner, together with an actual screenshot of the page with correction highlighted. Should the issue go unattended then escalation can be automatically applied.

Cookies: you can see details of which cookies are on your site and with which companies you are sharing data. Details include the originating company collecting the information together with the ultimate data repository. Alerts are provided against grey or black listed cookies.

Personally Identifiable Information: live scanning of pages, including attached assets, will generate alerts.

Forms: recording of data collection points across your site and confirmation of likely points of data collection where there is a requirement to confirm policy acceptance.