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At Sitemorse we believe in taking a pragmatic approach to accessibility and in driving continual improvement.

The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine™ (SMIE) processes results, based on what is going to offer the greatest improvement, and reduction in risk. We prioritise the actions required through role-based lists for page owners, developers, and site/section managers.

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Walkthrough of the Accessibility Category


The Accessibility Summary provides a management overview of the Accessibility category showing the current score, a chart of performance over time, and the percentage of pages without priority actions. You can also see the percentage of pages passing WCAG 2.1 levels A, AA and AAA.

We can also see the 12 Priorities that we believe are the most important and many issues which each of these we found in your site. This is where we believe you should focus to make the fastest improvements to your site

You can drill down further into the Priority Actions as well as each of the A, AA and AAA checks and results. It is important to note that the A and AA tests are independent, so, for a page to pass AA, it needs to have passed all the A tests and the AA tests.

You can drill down still further into each issue and use SMARTVIEW to view the issue on the page and also highlight it in the source code