What do our clients say about their journey to compliance?

How do we make compliance achievable?


We help you understand the quality of your website and how it complies with standards, rules and regulations.

Don't let them tell you everything is great, let us give you a second opinion.


The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine (SMIE™) processes your results and prioritises actions which deliver the greatest improvements.

Actions are distributed by role: manager, editor or developer.


You can address issues quickly using the prioritised, simple to understand to-do lists which are accompanied by concise help videos.

Quick wins build confidence.

Most organisations do not deliver effective and efficient digital management and fail to address the key challenges of the new digital landscape. This is usually down to human limitations of not being able to continually assess content, page by page, manually.

The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine (SMIE™) automates this, ensuring content rules and standards are consistently applied to content as well as checking for regulatory compliance.

Sitemorse has been publishing INDEXes for private and public websites for over 15 years.

A Sitemorse INDEX is an independent audit that ranks sector websites according to their Digital Capability. Digital Capability is assessed across User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Governance, Risk and Compliance.