What makes us different?

Sitemorse automation is focused on removing the human inefficiencies, the time-consuming, sporadic manual tasks and the inherent limitations of digital content management. Our service automates checks of regulatory and corporate publishing requirements and provides learning intelligence to better manage actions for on-line content – hence minimising risk and protecting brand value for digital teams.

Supplier management

One of the foundations of good digital management is to ensure that suppliers and service providers are actually adhering to standards. In the initial stage of our service, we carry out an audit and automate notice-serving to flag new issues, while removing the manual process of quality and compliance monitoring.

Content Assessment

Editors can use Sitemorse directly in the CMS in order to review content before it is live, thereby ensuring that rules are applied consistently. Sitemorse continually assesses new live content to identify the most important issues – removing time wasted by dealing with the full site every time.

Prioritization Intelligence

Sitemorse's Prioritization Intelligence enables digital teams to identify what really matters and what issues are impacting on the user experience or creating the greatest risk. This saves time wasted on manual reviews, with teams instead supplied with automatically-created, role-based action lists for page owners, developers, and site/section managers.


System Learning automatically distributes specifics of what needs to be actioned on what page to the individual who is responsible for dealing with it. The allocation and monitoring of the correction is then automatically recorded, saving time and manual follow-ups.

Content Search & Archive

Sitemorse provides a continuous record of your site, with a 7-year history (across all channels), with incremental updates stored by page along with details of which users changed what. All content can be searched instantly, with automation in place to manage change and to provide a complete backup of the site.

our guarantee

We backup what we say with a simple guarantee - demonstrable improvement in the first year, or investment made refunded.

Full details along with how to deploy our service can be found in the document "Making Digital Compliance Achievable".