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DIGITALCONFIDENCE is a fully managed service that allows corporate clients to deliver a great user experience across their full digital landscape of web and social channels, all the time ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

The SMIE™ (Sitemorse Intelligence Engine) prioritises actions to ensure continual focus of your resources on the areas that will deliver the greatest improvement.


Our managed service, introducing new levels of digital effectiveness and control.

We backup what we say with a simple guarantee - demonstrable improvement in the first year, or your money back.

Full details along with how to deploy our service can be found in our service guide "Making Digital Compliance Achievable", or arrange an online 1-2-1.

Walking Through the Service

Our services are about achieving compliance – by focusing on the most important pages and delivering a meaningful and manageable number of actions. Our approach provides:

  • Prioritised actions that focus resources where they will deliver the most valuable improvements
  • Short help videos that support the actions
  • SMARTVIEW to enable issues to be viewed highlighted on the page or in the source code
  • Ability to assess a website at any time

Your Just-in-time Training

Actions speak louder than words. We deliver relevant, short training videos with each action. These will enable you to understand what to do next and how to get on with it.