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Read weekly news round ups, tips for our clients on using Sitemorse as well as articles on improving accessibility and digital compliance.

May 18 | 2023

Our Support Lead, Helen Grimbly takes us through the diagnostic 'Unable to verify the first certificate' within a Sitemorse report.

May 11 | 2023

Our Support Lead, Helen Grimbly takes us through why the number of pages can impact the score a Sitemorse assessment is given.

May 04 | 2023

The value which automation brings not only to teams, but also budgets can sometimes get lost. Sitemorse’s unique automation not only saves you time and money, but focuses your ‘Digital First’ approach, exponentially improving your service to your audience.

Apr 04 | 2023

Over the last five years, compliance spend and litigation have continued to rise, but with no discernible improvement in website accessibility compliance. Too often, compliance is considered to be purely a problem for web or IT teams, and the lack of ownership and oversight at executive level means that there is a lack of accountability – as a consequence, the compliance position shows no improvement.

Mar 30 | 2023

With the increasing use of the internet and digital technologies, it is crucial that website owners and operators understand their responsibilities and take the necessary steps to comply with regulations.

Mar 23 | 2023

The New York State Senate Bill S7572A will have significant implications for contractors and vendors who work with the state, as well as for the state itself, the bill which became law on December 2, 2022 and will take effect on May 31, 2023.

Mar 21 | 2023

The considerable expansion and increased reliance of being online presents significant challenges for organizations already struggling with digital issues such as security and online governance, with a lack of corporate executive oversight at the heart of the issue. Enter in digital sprawl, and the problem is only exasperated and one issue making the challenge harder is website accessibility.

Mar 08 | 2023

In this piece, we discuss how to download the accessibility results from a Sitemorse report.

Mar 01 | 2023

In this piece, we discuss brotli and how Sitemorse supports it.

Feb 22 | 2023

In this update, we explore how Sitemorse can provide a report which details a list of all pages on a website.

Dec 23 | 2022

The Sitemorse INDEX has a new leader, Hastings Borough Council, who have reached the top spot with an overall score of 9.6/10.

Dec 06 | 2022

The Sitemorse INDEX has moved over to our new engine, Sitemorse II. We're hosting a webinar to let our clients know how this will impact them and more about what the INDEX is.

Oct 24 | 2022

How Sitemorse II lets you find dynamic content by showing you the location of content that as been loaded when the browser loads

Oct 18 | 2022

We've answered a few of the most interesting questions we've been asked about the Sitemorse service.

Oct 04 | 2022

Maps are often used on a website to provide visual information on a location.