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Sitemorse believe in a pragmatic approach, driving continual improvement rather than a one-off improvement exercise. The Sitemorse Intelligence Engine starts by assessing the most important pages and provides a list of prioritised actions that will help bring about the greatest improvements. Those pages are assigned section owner and the prioritised actions are distributed by role: Manager, Content Editor and Developer.

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Management Summary

The Manager summary page provides an overview of key content actions that will deliver the biggest impact to users.

A summary of the overall score is accompanied by information including the date the site was assessed and how the score has changed since the last assessment. You can also see alerts for malware, hacking or domain expiry.

The top issues affecting categories relating to User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Governance, Rick and Compliance are shown. As well as drilling down further into each issue, the action can be emailed to another party.

SMARTVIEW can be used to display the web page with the issue highlighted. And to view the issue highlighted in the source code for the page.

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Content Actions

The Content Editor priorities page shows a thumbnail of each of the Top 10 Pages to Action. For each of these pages the priority actions are listed. By clicking on the image of the page SMARTVIEW will open the page with the issue highlighted.

The actions are described in plain English rather than using the technical terms used in the WCAG specifications.

Each action can be expanded to provide further help and information, to assist in resolution.

Actions are also accompanied by a short video, which can be used to provide just-in-time training to ensure understanding and prevent recurrence.

Developer Diagnostics

Developer priorities allow you to review the important aspects of your assessment from a technical viewpoint. Typically, these priorities relate to changes that cannot be addressed by content editors easily.

The five slowest URLs are listed as well as the top 5 actions associated with each of Accessibility, Code Quality and Links. The number of occurrences of each action is also shown. Issues that have a very large occurrence are likely to be with templates. Fixing a template will likely have a big improvement for the entire site

You can drill down further into each action to see each page listed that contains that issue. SMARTVIEW can be used to view the page and see the issue highlighted. SMARTVIEW can also highlight the issue in the source code for the page

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