Accessibility Bulletin Week 37 – What is your level of risk?

12 Sep 2019

In the UK, the public sector is still failing with website accessibility – even worse is the state of websites of the UK PLCs. Meanwhile in the US the number of lawsuits continue to rise. Amongst all the confusion there would seem an urgent need for an independent risk assessment. 

As usual 5 of the best articles we have seen are listed below. The summaries and links to the full articles can be found further down the page:

  • UK | Public sector unprepared for incoming website accessibility regulation, warns Sigma

    Sigma, a digital design agency, offers advice for the UK public sector on how to make a website accessible.

    With just two weeks to go until the UK government implements a new digital accessibility law, digital design agency, Sigma, has warned that many public sector bodies may not be ready We agree with Sigma’s managing director Hilary Stephenson, in looking at the latest Central and Local Gov INDEX the vast majority of sites (over 75%) are not achieving even the most important requirements, that of Level A.

  • GLOBAL | What is the most common reason for accessibility failure…. Is it compliancy?

    Should more be done to promote obtaining an independent risk assessment?

    It’s much nicer to keep with the cosiness of supplier promises….but should those doing the building and service delivery be the ones advising on compliance?  Is it really in suppliers’ best interests to go out and seek independent assessment? Worse, when asked ‘how do you ensure compliance, CMS vendors and agencies can find quite a lot of wriggle room as to what is not their fault really?

    Really, where are you? Free risk summary at

  • US | Renewed Web and Physical Accessibility Congressional Efforts an Exercise in Futility?

    US Congress members are urging the DOJ to promote greater clarity around website accessibility. 

    Congress Members recently renewed their efforts to take legislative action and urge that the DOJ take regulatory action regarding physical and website accessibility, respectively. You have to give them credit for trying……

  • US | Website Accessibility Lawsuits Abound

    New York firm of internet lawyers discus why the number of lawsuits is increasing rapidly and what can be done to avoid them.

    Website accessibility lawsuits (i.e., lawsuits alleging discrimination on the basis that websites contain access barriers that limit navigation for disabled people) increased 177% percent from 2017 to 2018 alone.

  • UK | London-listed PLCs are not taking accessibility seriously

    The Sitemorse INDEX for London-listed PLCs shows a general lack of concern for helping the visually impaired to use their websites.

    The Sitemorse INDEX for London-listed PLCs shows a lack of concern for helping the visually impaired to use their websites. A once much-loved UK retailer has fallen to last place just as they have fallen out of the FTSE-100 – are they out of touch?