UK London-listed PLCs - are they taking accessibility seriously?

13 Sep 2019

At Sitemorse we published our 2019 Q3 UK London-listed PLCs INDEX this week. The INDEX has been published quarterly since 2010 and ranks the websites of over 460 UK Public Limited Companies, based on User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Congratulations to Marstons PLC for retaining  first place, as they have now for 3 years. Also congratulations are due to Lookers PLC for being the most improved 

However, it is somewhat concerning that only 1 company, Marstons PLC, within the London-listed PLCs has passed Level A and AA on all of their pages.

If we focus purely on Accessibility, then there are some rather disappointing statistics:

  • Only 3 companies scored 8 or higher
  • 77% of companies scored 3 or less
  • Over 37% actually scored zero

There would seem to be a wanton disregard amongst the majority of the London-listed PLCs for the Equalities Act 2000.  It would seem there is little concern for the potential damage to a brand should a law suit be filed for discrimination.

We’ve already seen that in the US that lawsuits alleging web sites discriminating against people with disabilities are increasingly common – how long will it be before we see the same happening in the UK? It will be interesting to see what the PPI lawyers move onto next.

Top ten websites

  1. Marstons PLC
  2. Berkeley Group Holdings PLC
  3. Anglo-Eastern Plantations PLC
  4. Essentra PLC
  5. Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC
  6. Henry Boot PLC
  7. Georgia Capital PLC
  8. Menzies (John) PLC
  9. CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Limited
  10. Ashmore Group PLC

Five Most improved websites

  • Lookers PLC
  • Countrywide PLC
  • UTILICO Emerging Markets Limited
  • RSA Insurance Group PLC

The full 2019 Q3 UK London-listed PLCs results can be found here: Sitemorse UK London-Listed PLCs INDEX