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Michelle Hay

SMARTVIEW - helping call centre employees report website feedback


When it comes the customer experience, it’s not just about having a shiny website, super-fast commerce experience, amazing products and witty advertising. How you respond to customers, particularly when there are issues or complaints, or when they give you some valuable feedback, is also an important determinant of the customer experience. 

Getting a quick, polite and professional response can notch up your NPS score. Getting a poor response (or even worse no response), or feeling that valuable feedback is ignored and just goes into a black hole, completely undermines good customer experience already earned. This is also an area where companies can truly differentiate themselves from others; excellent customer service goes a long way.

Capturing all feedback about your website

As more and more customer touchpoints are digital, it becomes essential to take a focused and systematic approach to being able to respond to issues comments and feedback relating to your digital channels. Feedback may be delivered by digital channels themselves – via your website form for example – but also in other ways. For example, a customer may call an agent in your call centre about an issue on your website, reporting an error on a page or a slowly loading form. They may also mention this in passing during a conversation about another matter. 

Much of this valuable feedback can get lost, but if teams can find an efficient way to capture, respond and action customer feedback and issues reported they can:

  • Quickly demonstrate excellent customer service
  • Swiftly resolve reported issues that might impact other customers
  • Get insights and data on the types of issues occurring so appropriate actions can be made.

For example, let’s look an example where your call centre agents can respond quickly and efficiently to customer feedback about digital channels delivered over the telephone; this is enabled through a simple process involving the Sitemorse platform’s SmartView capability.  


SMARTVIEW is an in-browser tool that integrates with your web browser of choice, likely to be Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. It carries out an immediate assessment of any web page visited using the browser, highlighting any issues. Workflow means you can feedback on any issues discovered easily by forwarding to an appropriate email account for immediate action. 

It’s easy to roll out SMARTVIEW to all your call centre staff. There are no restrictions on users and usage, installation takes less than a minute, and no configuration or technical knowledge is required.   

This video explains how it all works in more detail: 

Seven steps to success 

Using SMARTVIEW in your call centre allows agents to respond to customer feedback about digital channels so that customers:

  • are thanked for their feedback
  • have confidence that their feedback is being listened to or actioned 
    • are notified of any subsequent actions
    • contribute feedback that is collated and analysed for reporting processes.

The seven essential steps to make this happen are:

  1. Create a single email account and inbox to capture customer feedback about the website. This might also be the account where your website form points to as well. 
  2. Make sure that your call centre staff have access to SMARTVIEW
  3. If somebody reports an issue over the phone it is very easy for the agent to use their browser, find the page in question, and click on the SMARTVIEW button to identify any issues. The assessment will take 30 seconds or less. 
  4. If there is an issue, your agent can thank the customer for their feedback, inform them that they have assessed the page and there is indeed an issue, and that someone will now be dealing with it. This gives a strong indication of good customer service.
  5. Using the in-browser workflow, the call centre agent can then notify the internal digital team that there is a problem via the customer feedback inbox. The digital team can then deal swiftly with any reported issues.
  6. By recording the interaction within a CRM system, it also means agents can then respond back to the original caller if necessary, reporting any follow-up actions.
  7. Finally applying reporting to issues captured over time means you can identify trends and take corrective action such as training or carrying out recoding where necessary. 

Customer experience must cover every touch point

Customer experience requires covering every touch point, including responding to feedback quickly. SMARTVIEWis just one way you can enable call centre staff to answer customer feedback about digital channels in an optimal way. If you’d like more information on SMARTVIEWor how Sitemorse supports customer experience in general, then get in touch.

To find out more on how to run a SMARTVIEW if you are an existing client, please view our recent technical service bulletin.


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Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.