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The power of integrating Sitemorse with your CMS

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One of the most powerful features of Sitemorse is its ability to integrate seamlessly into your Content Management System (CMS). This means you’re effectively upgrading your CMS by adding automated improvement and assessment capabilities, targeted notifications to the people who need to make improvements and a range of other features.

Suddenly your CMS is able to give you far better control over your content and support processes which ensure improvements actually get made. The end result is better quality content, higher compliance, increased performance, reduced risk and a huge reduction in time.  

Why content improvement is sometimes a big ask

Often asking your authors, editors and content owners to improve or modify live content can be tricky. There is a tendency among content owners to regard a piece of web content done and dusted once it is live.  This is perfectly logical, it’s the end of the publishing process and it’s “job done”. Incredibly busy content owners can now move onto the next task.

But this mindset can lead to a reluctance to make those smaller content changes which address formatting or brand issues, improve SEO, or meet accessibility compliance. It’s simply not top of mind for the content owner and may not even “feel” right to revisit a task that they thought was previously completed.  This can limit the successful impact of automated content assessment software where tests tend to be carried out on pages after they are live. Each fix is an “ask” and many fixes is a “big ask”.

Your CMS isn’t helping

Most Content Management Systems and live production environments do little to help this situation. Access to live content is usually somehow protected and even restricted for individual content owners, either being hard to reach or find. Even in the content management workflow and related permissions access to live content locked down.

CMS interfaces, dashboards and notifications targeted to individual content owners or editors  (rather than central digital managers) Is usually geared towards advising them of the action required and task in hand, which will be “deal with the content that is in draft or going through the content management process” rather than “review the content that is already live”.

The impact of all this is that there is a significant risk that pages will not be optimised for SEO, will have brand inconsistency and will not meet accessibility standards. And bad habits will persist because content owners and editors are ignoring rather than being educated about the changes they should be making to content at the point of creation.  

"How about being able to test page load / page performance directly within the CMS - one click, and immediately be able to measure experience."

Yes, with Sitemorse your CMS can deliver this.

Seamless and easy CMS integration

Sitemorse deals with many of these issues by integrating directly with your CMS so that digital compliance relating to brand, spelling, SEO, accessibility standards and the actions that need to be done can happens right inside your CMS and before your content goes live. Sitemorse’s  intelligent prioritisation of the most essential tasks, automated notifications, instructional videos and more also helps it all to get done.

Integrating Sitemorse effectively upgrades your CMS from a content management system to a content control and improvement platform.

Integration is also straightforward and quick. We’ve built Sitemorse in such a way that it can easily integrate seamlessly with almost any CMS in a fully secure way. Whether you work with Sitecore, Adobe, Episerver, Kentico, Joomla, Bloomreach, WordPress or another platform (we support JAVA, .NET and PHP), you’ll be covered.  We’ve done most of the integration work already, so that you are not reliant on your CMS vendor who may then want to charge you additional fees.

How Sitemorse provides content control

One of the most powerful aspects of the integrating Sitemorse into your CMS is that digital improvement is all managed from within one application, not two or three. Don’t underestimate the importance this step makes. Your content owners are far more likely to carry out improvements and fixes if they can see what they need to do and how to do it all within one experience.

Critically content improvement can also be applied to draft content. Rather than being asked to make changes after a piece of content is “out there”, content owners make improvement-related changes before an item has gone live. The prompts they receive and fixes they carry out are now regarded as another essential part of the content management process and are far more likely to get done. It’s no longer a big ask.

This step ensures you’re in complete control of your content, before it goes live.  

Adding capabilities to your CMS

Even if your CMS has some in-built improvement tools such as a link checker or SEO improvement suggestions,  we can guarantee that Sitemorse will bring additional features.  It’s not just the core capabilities of intelligent prioritisation,  automation and just-in-time learning to upskill your content team, but extra capabilities such  as:

  • The ability to handle highly granular brand and content rules which may be relevant to a particular division or function
  • The power to look inside any PDFs which can be downloaded from your site
  • The ability to check any widgets or components which might be pulling data or a feed in from a different system or source

Overall, you’re effectively upgrading your CMS to be a complete digital content publishing platform.

Invest in Sitemorse, invest in your CMS

When you invest in Sitemorse and then integrate it into your CMS, you’re effectively investing in your CMS . You’re adding a range of capabilities and improving the experience for your content publishers, and in turn, improving the experience for your site visitors.

If you’d like to discuss how Sitemorse can integrate directly into your CMS get in touch.


Automatic delivery - Just-in-time

Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.