How the listed PLCs stack up on digital governance…

07 Aug 2018

The Sitemorse UK London Listed PLCs INDEX runs every quarter on the top 125 pages of websites by sector. Each site is given an overall score based on ratings for User Experience, Search Optimisation and Governance Risk and Compliance. The assessments cover technical factors including function, accessibility, code quality and loading speed.

The INDEX creates a benchmark for performance of the listed companies which can be used to see which firms are dedicated to achieving compliance whilst producing a high-performing site. There is a large amount of detail available about each site, which is accessible by looking at  

Upon request, each company featured can obtain their own benchmark.

Later this month, the results of Q3 will be publicly available, so how will they compare to the previous quarter? In Q2 2018 UK London Listed PLCs INDEX included 471 websites and Sitemorse ran 317,981,794 tests over 973,382 URLs.

Will there be any change at the top?

The top site for Q2 was Marston’s PLC who scored a perfect 10. Marston’s (http:// has consistently performed well, being in first place for the last 9 consecutive quarters. Marston’s have been in the INDEX since Q2 2010, appearing 33 times and, even more impressively, they have only been in a position other than first, seven times.

So, congratulations to Marston’s! The hard work of their digital team is shown in their remarkable results. With websites ever evolving the challenging task of maintaining a high performing site has not daunted them and they have ensured they are delivering in all areas with their digital assets.

With many INDEX sectors being topped by sites scoring 7 or 8 overall, Marston’s are demonstrating that excelling in website accessibility & compliance IS possible.

Our top riser for Q2 2018 was PureCircle, rising 420 places to 17th after they launched a new website back in February 2018. Their score increased by a very respectable 4.1 (from 2.9 to 7.0). PureCircle’s biggest gain was in their Function/Links score which was previously 0 and rose to 9/10.

The standards are generally high for this INDEX, with 11 sites which were classed as error-free, meaning they score full marks for Function. This may only be 2.3% of sites but is not something we see in every sector - many INDEX sectors fail to produce even one.

Will Marston’s keep their first-place position? And will they score perfectly again? Only the Q3 2018 Sitemorse London Listed PLCs INDEX will tell!

We love to see such impressive results in this sector and hope both that they will continue but also that other sectors will take motivation from the standards being set.

View the full results for the Q2 2018 UK London-listed PLCs INDEX and see how to access more detailed results below in our short presentation

Want to know more about how we create a Sitemorse INDEX? Visit to see how the scores are calculated.