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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen outlines how to audit email recipients.

For Scheduled or On Demand assessments that are run for sites, the site owner (or users with admin access) can edit the recipients who receive a Report upon completion of the assessment.

How to edit audit recipients 

Master users or users with admin access login to Sitemorse. 
From Digital Properties, click on the Cog icon for a site. 
Select 'Assessment email recipients'. 
To remove existing recipients - select Remove button next to any user listed that you would like to remove. 
To add recipients - select 'Add additional recipients' button and tick the checkbox next to any of the registered users listed, and select Confirm button to add.

The Report received 

The actual email received will vary depending on the role of the user. 
For example: 

  • Manager receives an email which includes a link to the Priorities page. 
  • Content Editor receives an email with links to individual actions (for example an action can link to a SMARTVIEW showing where action is required). 
  • Developer receives an email with links to Developer related actions and a link to the Report summary page.

There can also be a slight variance in the emails depending on whether the assessment is Scheduled or On Demand. For example the manager email always contains a link to the Priorities page, but for a scheduled assessment it also has additional links to each Report category.

How to add new users

If you would like to send audit emails to a user that is not registered for your organisation, please send a Support Request to Sitemorse with the name, email and job role of the user that you would like to add. Once that user has been sent their login details, the master user (or users who have admin access) will then be able to add that user as an audit email recipient for any site they have access to.

If you have more than one site, please state in the Support Request which sites you would like the user to have access to. 
To remove a user, also please send in a Support Request.

Can I edit a user's role?

The role of the user will determine the type of audit email received as noted above. If you would like to change their role so they receive different emails please also send in a Support Request.

Please see the following article on how to submit a Sitemorse Support Request: 


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