Helen Grimbly

Technical Service Bulletin Week 39 - Assessing pages in an Intranet or behind a firewall

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at whether Sitemorse can assess pages behind a firewall or in an Intranet. Internals sites could include a user account area, staff pages etc.

Sitemorse assesses pages that are publically accessible via a browser. However, there are further options when sites are internal behind a firewall, or require a login.

For sites behind a firewall, the client can allow access to the Sitemorse IP addresses used for site assessments, which are currently and Please note IP addresses are liable to change in the future without warning (although will not change frequently).

For sites that require a login, clients may supply login information for a variety of authentication methods, such as a username and password.

For sites that require authentication methods, please contact Sitemorse to discuss this setup.


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