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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - Pre Launch Assessments

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be outlining how Sitemorse can assess Pre Launch assessments.

When a new website is being developed and not yet live, it can be useful to assess that site for accessibility and broken links and other important criteria to ensure the site is fully usable when it goes live.

Sitemorse can assess Pre Launch or UAT sites before they go live. When you are ready to start testing the new site, contact Sitemorse with the URL address for the Pre Launch site and any details needed to access that site, for example username and password if required, or you may just need to whitelist the Sitemorse assessment IP addresses.

Please see assessing intranet pages for more information about how we scan pages behind a firewall.

Sitemorse will then be able to set up and confirm access to the Pre Launch site and any details needed for access.

An initial site assessment can be run, and then a schedule added to assess the site, for example weekly and/or monthly. All assessments are assessed from the top page (often the homepage), following all the clickable links and spidering down the site. The pages assessed can be slightly random, but generally most are the same pages.

For more information on how Sitemorse assesses sites, please see article, how does Sitemorse work.

A report email could be sent to any required recipients each time an assessment of the Pre Launch site runs. Issues found could be fixed each week, and changes to score reflected in the following week's assessment.

If you have a managed service contract and you would like us to set this up, please contact Sitemorse either by emailing info@sitemorse.com or click "Need Help?" when logged in to Sitemorse and submit a support request with the Pre Launch URL and any access details.

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