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The Sitemorse Dashboard provides a summary of the important information about your site in a single view.

You can see the availability of the site, any alerts on social pages, priority actions as well as keeping track of content changes.

You can also set-up and monitor key pages as well as running assessments on websites. Finally, there is a comprehensive search capability for your website.

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The left of the page shows the summary score of the site, Key Pages, Content Activity, Content Updates. The main window changes as you select items on the page.

HEARTBEAT is the default view providing Digital Managers essential information in a dashboard style.

Content shows when site was audited together with a summary of results by date. A graph shows progress.

People shows the key people in your organisation.

Key Pages – You can set-up key pages and view the priority fixes from the dashboard.

Alerts for your Social pages can be seen.

You are able to enter a website address and run an assessment on that website and receive the results by email.

Search enables you to search for any word or phrase. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of where and when that phrase appeared on the website. You can then see see how the page looked.