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Trademarks icon Introduction

Sitemorse can help manage your intellectual property both internally and across external partners, continually policing content and recording infringement.

Perhaps you have sold a product to another company and it needs to be removed from your website. You can locate all instances where the product name is used, remove them and provide the proof that they have been removed.

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Walkthrough of the Trademarks Category

Trademarks / IP

The Trademarks / IP summary provides a management overview of the Trademarks category showing the current score, a chart of performance over time and the percentage of pages with no priority actions.

The assessment is conducted either against the Trademark rules you have provided.

The top issues are also identified, and these are shown together with the number of occurrences of each issue. You can also see the Secondary and tertiary trademark priorities.

For issues on your own site, you can drill down further into each issue and use SMARTVIEW to see where the issue occurs on the page and also see it highlighted in the source code.