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What Do We Offer?

Sitemorse® offers its services on either a Software as a Service (SaaS) or a Platform as a Service (PasS) the later for the integration partners (System Integrators, agencies and CMS vendors) and enterprise clients who wish to deploy a localized, and / or customized version of the service.

The key benefit to the automation is the driving consistency, against reduced publishing lead-times whilst delivering ever improving and greater optimized online expertise, continually reduced compliance risk.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The service is cloud based and requires no client / on premise systems for deployment - light touch service deployment circa 3 - 5, typically under 2 hours of client time. One off audits being available within 24 hours.

Out of the box service covers 10 keys areas of assessment; Acessibility, Brand, Code (HTML), Email Functions (& Links), SEO / Metadata, Trademarks / IP. Performance, Privacy / DP and spelling.

The service covers any, all Digital content, this can include Social, and Document (PDF, Word, PPT etc), emails & web pages.

The service can encompass Intranet sites, following the adding of appropriate access permissions.

The service subscription is based on


The scale of service requirement (total pages).

Length of Subscription.

In CMS deployment (number of users).

Additionally support fees are based on


Client specific rules' deployment (i.e. Brand, Style or Trademarks / IP)

The level of support, the 2 primary options being self or managed service basis.

Service investment examples offered below, these being quoted on a per month basis.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Sitemorse PaaS is offered as a private cloud or on premise basis. Starting point being the current 'out of the box' 10 key areas of assessment above and configuring to meet client / partner rules and requirements.

Service deployment includes the mapping of client / partner support process and reporting along with look and feel [own or co branding] custom reporting elements and workflows.

Setup £45k - 80k, ongoing license / subscription £8-20k per month.


SaaS or PaaS, the service offers client configurable reporting frequency.


Availability / Uptime & Hacking / Malware


SLA (Service Level Achievement)


What's Changed?

What's Important / Key?


Summary, Improvements

Summary, Activity & Capability

Up to Full Site (and / or section / area)




Through Landscape View / Deep Dive


Pages, Section, Part or Full Site


Service Levels


Our complimentry service, which offers summary findings and priorities requiring attention across User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Government, Risk & Compliance.

DIGITAL Governance

Assessing content workflow ahead of any final manual review, removing typically 45% of manual tests and checks.


Offered and focused on high volumes of users and delivered off the page. The service levels and capability fulfilling the requirements of those with small (sub 50 pages) and / or those who have limited page updates (1 day / 20 month).

DIGITAL Transformation

Digital Transformation needs to be just this, moving the organisation from current practice to digital enablement - driving change, efficiency and ensure competitive advantage.


What could be considered the 'first generation' of service, it's early origins were to test & check complete websites, reporting the detail across accessibility, links, spelling and code (HTML) for web teams to react to - using the reports to either carry out corrections themselves or delegate to others.

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