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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 40 – how can website accessibility best be addressed?


A focus this week on articles providing advice on how to address website accessibility. 

As usual 5 of the best articles we have seen are listed below with a summary and a links to the full article:

  • UK / US | Why much of the internet is closed off to blind people

    The BBC looks at why companies aren’t making their websites accessible to the visually impaired?

    As our everyday world moves increasingly online, the digital landscape presents new challenges for ensuring accessibility for the blind. A recent court challenge against Domino's pizza may be a watershed case


  • UK | Following first accessibility milestone – where is UK Local Gov?

    Sitemorse, in collaboration with Socitm, is publishing a ‘State of the Nation’ report looking at the progress UK Local Authorities are making with accessibility of their websites.

    23rd September was the first in a line of dates UK public sector is expected to meet in relation to accessibility compliance. The 23rd being the date all had to offer an accessibility statement on their site, but how well are they doing overall. In collaboration with Socitm we are creating the first ‘State of the Nation’ report.


  • GLOBAL | Dealing with website accessibility – prioritisation gives you a head start

    Sitemorse discuss a 4-step approach to improving website accessibility.

    Sometimes accessibility has negative connotations for digital teams. It reminds them of those tasks they should have done to make their website fully compliant with accessibility standards, but just didn’t have time to complete.


  • US | How Website Accessibility Affects Online Businesses In 2019 And How To Respond

    An article in Forbes discusses how online businesses should deal with website accessibility.

    Web accessibility and ensuring your content can be consumed by all people, is one of the most important issues facing online businesses today. Yet still, it remains surprisingly under the radar amongst many brands, particularly with SMBs. Because of this, many small business owners don’t fully understand what the term actually means.


  • US | Renewed Web And Physical Accessibility Congressional Efforts An Exercise In Futility?

    The US Congress want to promote “…greater clarity, compliance and accessibility” in terms of website accessibility.

    Seyfarth Synopsis: Congress Members recently renewed their efforts to take legislative action and urge the DOJ take regulatory action regarding physical and website accessibility, respectively.



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