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Helen Grimbly

Technical Service Bulletin Week 37 - How to search a site for a word or phrase

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at how a site can be searched for a word or phrase.

There are two ways that a site can be searched for the presence of a word or phrase. Searches can be carried out on previous assessments from the Dashboard, or a word or phrase can be added to a spelling search filter which will be consulted to find that word in future assessments.

Search for a word via the Dashboard

This is only possible if the user has been configured with access to the dashboard, which most master users for an organisation have).

  • Bottom right of a dashboard, you can enter a search word or phrase and click Search.
  • A Content search results page is returned with a summary of where that word or phrase has been found in the text of previous assessments. Web pages, documents including PDFs, and images are searched. To the right of the Content search page under the Search button is an advanced options link, where the search can be further filtered and defined. To search your whole site, a full site assessment could be run, and then a search carried out from the dashboard.

For more information on how to use the dashboard search (called LIVEARCHIVE) please see this article:

Search for a word or phrase using a Search Filter

You can create a search filter to search for specified words or phrases. This is useful if you would like Sitemorse to proactively search for certain words or phrases on your site.

Add a Spelling Filter, via your digital properties page:

  • Select the Cog icon next to a site
  • Select 'Spelling Configuration' from the drop down menu
  • Click button 'Add new search filter'
  • Add a name (e.g. X Search Filter)
    • Add a description (e.g. Filter search for x terms)
    • Click 'Create'
  • Then select the filter
  • Type in a word and click 'Add'
  • Then return to digital properties, select Cog icon and 'Spelling Configuration'
  • Select 'consult' checkbox next to the new filter dictionary.
  • The words in the filter dictionary will then be found in the next assessment.

To view the filtered words:

  • Following the next assessment, click on the 'Report' for the site
  • Select Spelling category
  • At the bottom of the page click 'Search filter matches'
  • The words/phrases will then be listed and where they are found (if found)
  • (If the 'Search filter matches' link isn't clickable, no terms were found.)

Please note if you want to find all of a filter's specified words/phrases on your whole site, you will need to check (or run) the most recent 'full site' assessment with the filter applied.

Search filters can only be added to sites that the Spelling category has been enabled for.

NB. Only the owner (normally the master user) of the dictionary can add words / phrases to that dictionary by default. Further users can be given access to add words and phrases, upon request to Sitemorse.


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