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Helen Grimbly

Technical Service Bulletin Week 36 - How to view all site email addresses

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at how to view a site's email addresses.

You can view the email addresses and their locations from the Inventory as follows: 

  • Select 'Inventory' link for a site on your dashboard to view the Inventory summary page. 
  • Select 'Email breakdown' category to view 'Email Findings - Status By Domain' page. 
  • hen select one of the listed domains to view the 'Email diagnostics' page, that will list all the emails found for that domain, for the current assessment. 
  • For each email, click the plus symbol, and a list of all the locations where that email address was seen will be shown.

Altenatively you can download the list as a spreadsheet from the email category of your report as follows: 

  • Select Report 
  • Select Email category 
  • Click 'Download' button, under which it says 'Download all the email addresses we found'. 
  • Add your name and email address and click send. 
  • The email recipient will then be sent an email with an attached XLS, that contains a list of all the found email addresses, number of occurrences, their status at the time of the assessment, and the locations they are linked from.

Note that these methods will show all the email addresses found within the web pages and documents tested during this assessment. To view every email address linked from your site a full site assessment would need to be carried out.

NB. Only email addresses which are active links (i.e. mailto: links) will be listed, we do not search text content for phrases containing @ symbols which may or may not be email addresses.


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