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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 35 – Social Media, Education Establishments and Car Dealerships


Surprisingly, there have been no articles about Domino’s this week! However, there has as always been a lot of discussion about Accessibility, especially relating to social media and Education, this week. The best five are listed below with summaries and links to the full articles:


  • Adweek looks at when designing websites agencies need to go beyond the law – why not employ people with disabilities to help?

    This article takes the discussion about what to consider when building an accessible website to the next level. It argues that agencies should at least bring people with disabilities into the design process – better still employ them as part of the development and creative teams.

    Adweek Article

  • Daily Emerald writes about how the US Department of Education is investigating a complaint against a university’s website and Facebook page not being accessible to people with disabilities.

    This is one we're sure many US universities are watching with interest and some concern as the University of Oregon faces an investigation by the US Department of Education

    Daily Emerald Article

  • Sitemorse looks at how you can bring Governance to your Social Media 

    Social media is a major component of most organisation’s digital footprint and is central for driving a great customer experience, it's a key channel for delivering content and engaging with customers.  Governance of social media is particularly challenging, so what can you do? This article looks at how you can control governance over social media.

    Sitemorse Article

  • Edsurge look at how recently colleges have been trying to push responsibility for Accessibility onto the companies that produce the tools.

    Nearly 200 colleges face federal civil rights investigations opened in 2019 about whether they are accessible and communicate effectively to people with disabilities.

    Edsurge Article

  • Digital Journal reports on a boutique digital marketing agency offers advice for Car Dealerships

    With a focus on Car Dealership Websites, the Digital 1 agency is so proud of their capabilities and advice that they’ve repeated it. (sic)

    Digital Journal Article


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