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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 33 – Financial Institutions, UK Local Government. Risk and more.

General Accessibility

Each week we see lots of articles around the topic of website accessibility. With our knowledge and experience in this area, we always find these articles interesting. 
There’s been a lot of discussion about Accessibility this week, five of the best are listed below. The summaries and links to the full articles we found most interesting are below:

  • Financial Institution Websites And The ADA: Is Your Website Accessible?

    Financial institutions should proactively work with their website developers, disability consultants, and their legal counsel to remediate accessibility barriers before a lawsuit is filed – good advice for all organisations!


  • Sitemorse 2019 Q3 UK Local Government INDEX Results 

    The 2019 Q3 UK Local Government INDEX has been published showing that Accessibility needs to become a priority. Public services are at risk if councils are fined for inaction. 

    The 2019 Q3 UK Local Government INDEX was published this week and shows that progress towards complying with the EU Directive on accessibility of public sector websites seems to have stalled with only 12% having improved their score. Leading on Accessibility are the councils of North Devon, Orkney Islands and Harrogate.


  • Does your company's website comply with Web Content Accessibility? In practice, the law requires businesses to make necessary adjustments.

    Geoffrey Chaucer is attributed with writing, in Troilus and Criseyde, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. It is always interesting to examine the Accessibility of web pages discussing the topic of compliance! So how does the below page from Forbes do when running accessibility assessment? Take a look at this SMARTVIEW we ran on the page


  • Website accessibility litigation and how the ADA impacts such cases discussed

    More coverage of Domino’s fight against a blind customer who was unable to order a custom pizza form the website. Could this be a ‘Ratner effect’ for the beleaguered pizza chain?

    In a highly watched case, Robles, v. Domino Pizza LLC, Guillermo Robles, who is blind, filed a lawsuit against Domino’s back in 2016 after he was unable to order a custom pizza from the company’s website


  • How are you doing, are you risk? If not, can you prove it?

    With 94% of websites failing Accessibility maybe you should check your own. Why not go to use AAATraq to get a free independent view?

    Everyone tells you what you want to hear – web accessibility may not be a subject you understand, regardless it has to be dealt with and it is getting ever more costly to ‘ignore’. We often hear “it’s being dealt with by a 3rd part”, “our web supplier looks after this”, “the CMS does this” or even “we had consultants in”. Are you sure there is no risk, why not use AAAtraq to at least see the results of the free Risk Summary?

    Simply enter your web address at https://AAAtraq.com


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