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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 32 โ€“ Dominos, Higher Ed and more


Every week we see more and more articles around the topic of website accessibility. With our knowledge and experience in this area, we always find these articles interesting. 

As we often see, there’s been a lot of discussion about accessibility this week, particularly a big named pizza delivery company,  take a look at the below articles and sites which caught our eye this week:

  • We’ve seen Domino’s preparing to fight a website accessibility case in the Supreme Court - have they got their sums right in terms of legal spend versus brand damage?

    Domino's Fights Website Accessibility Ruling in Supreme Court, Social Media Weighs In


    Really Domino’s – you are trying to say ‘websites do not have to be accessible’. Looks like someone going to be left with a bad taste in their mouth. How can potentially a multi-million dollar spend, proving you can discriminate ever be worthwhile for a brand.

  • The 2019 Q3 UK & IE Universities and Higher Education INDEX has been published showing that the UK and Ireland have a long way to go to making their websites accessible.

    2019 Q3 UK & IE Universities and Higher Education INDEX

    Sitemorse UK & IE Universities & Higher Education INDEX 

    The Q3 INDEX was published this week and raises the question 'Is the Higher Education Sector doing enough for students with disabilities?' Congratulations are due to University of Derby and Heriot-Watt University who are only 2 of 346 establishments to achieved a score of 7 or more for Accessibility. Nearly 75% scored 3 or less and 38% actually scored zero.

  • Perhaps a premature announcement from a firm of personal injury lawyers - their commitment "making top-quality legal information available to all, while also promoting accessibility to their personal injury attorneys” doesn’t seem to stretch to their website

    Launching a new site – check accessibility compliance before announcing its importance ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Las Vegas, NV - Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, NV, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm have announced the official launch of their new website. Their website launch comes as part of their commitment to making top-quality legal information available to all, while also promoting accessibility to their personal injury attorneys.  See the attached, quick check of the sits shows some way to go.

  • With 94% of websites failing Accessibility maybe you should check your own. Why not go to >AAAtraq to get a free independent view?

    How are you doing, at risk or not (if saying ‘not’ do you have real proof?)?


    Everyone tells you what you want to hear – web accessibility may not be a subject you understand, regardless it has to be dealt with and it is getting ever more costly to ‘ignore’ or consider ‘its being dealt with by a 3rd party, our web supplier, the CMS does this….’ Or even ‘we had consultants in’. Type in your web address at AAAtraq and at least see the results of the free Risk Summary.


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