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Helen Grimbly

Week 31 Technical Service Bulletin - How to view previous Reports


This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at how to view previous Sitemorse reports.

For your live scheduled sites, Sitemorse stores historic reports, so you can view previous assessment results.

If previous assessments have been run for a site, there are two ways to select to view a previous report:

From your 'Digital Properties': 
For a scheduled site under the Live or Pre Launch tab, there will be a Calendar icon above the date for that site. Click the Calendar icon, select a report date, and this will update the date, the Screenshot, the overall Score, the Report, Inventory and Priorities links, to those of the selected assessment.

On the Calendar drop down icon there is also the option to select 'full history' where you can view a page of historic Reports for a site. From the full history page, the Report, Priorities and Inventory can be selected for each assessment.

From your Dashboard: 
For a selected scheduled site (on the right of your dashboard), select the 'Content' tab. There will be a last two weeks calendar shown and the red selected boxes (days) are previously run scheduled reports. The box selected with a black border is the most recent report. You can select other days in red to view those reports. Once selected the report summary information and priorities for the selected date will be updated. There are two icons center top of the tab (under the 'Content' title) - the left icon can be selected to view the Report for that assessment in a new window, and the right icon to view the Inventory for that assessment.

Previous reports can be viewed to see how web sites have changed, for example whether a broken link has been present for a number of weeks, or intermittent or just this week, as well as many other camparisons that can be made. Another comparsion includes whether there are more or less pages in sub directories under the site by viewing directory map in the Inventory.


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