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Helen Grimbly

Week 29 Technical Service Bulletin - Sitemorse and caching

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at how caching affects Sitemorse Reports.

Does Sitemorse ever assess a cached version of our site? 

Sitemorse never caches files, so will always test your web site as it is currently being served to users. If changes you have made to your site do not appear to be reflected in a Sitemorse report, check whether your changes have been published to your live site, and whether or not you have a server cache as part of your web serving system.

Can server-side caching of my site affect the performance category results and scores in a Sitemorse report? 

Sitemorse accesses the site just like a user does, so if you have server-side caching set up, then this will of course be used. Note that smaller Sitemorse reports are likely to be looking at more frequently visited pages that are already cached, and so may show better performance scores than larger reports which are more comprehensive and include more uncached pages.


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