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Week 28 Technical Service Bulletin - Adding custom dictionaries and importing spelling lists

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at how to add custom dictionaries to a site and import spelling lists.

When Sitemorse assesses spelling we check the lang attribute of the HTML tag of a web page to determine which language dictionary to compare that page's words against. 
e.g. <HTML lang="en">

Lang attributes should also be added to other elements on the web page if those elements contain words in other languages.

Following this assessment, the user can then choose to add words highlighted as spelling errors in a Report to the default dictionary, or directly to a another custom dictionary (as described below) to inform Sitemorse that that spelling is also considered correct by the user.

A default custom dictionary will be pre-added to a site, if spelling has been enabled for assessments. This is the dictionary that words can be added to via a Report's spelling category. The master user can add additional dictionaries to their sites.

To view your current dictionaries: 
- Login and click 'Digital Properties' link top left. 
- Click the Cog icon to the left of one of your sites. 
- Select 'Spelling configuration' from the drop-down menu, to view the current dictionaries set up. 
- One of the dictionaries is selected as 'Default'.

Add a new dictionary: 
- The master user can add a new dictionary via the 'Spelling Configuration' page, by clicking 'Add new dictionary', then add words, and click 'Consult' to ensure it's consulted.

Adding individual words to dictionaries: 
- Words (that are considered as spelt correctly by the user) can be added one at a time, to the 'Default' dictionary via a site's Report -> Spelling category's list of possible spellings. 
- Words can also be added directly to any custom dictionary by selecting the dictionary name from the Cog -> 'Spelling configuration' page, and adding a word.
- To include any dictionary to be consulted for your audits, you'll need to tick the 'Consult' checkbox next to the specific dictionaries that you want to be consulted. A dictionary's words will then be considered as spelt correctly for future assessments.

Uploading a list of words to a dictionary: 
- From the 'Spelling Configuration' page, select the dictionary you would like to add words to. 
- Click on 'import a list of words', at the upper right of the page. 
- Then paste the list of words (one word per line), click 'Import list', and these words will be considered correctly spelt for future assessments (provided that dictionary is selected to be consulted).


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