What ‘Sitemorse’ sees as it assesses your site

25 Apr 2019

Some of the questions we are often asked are; so what is this Sitemorse thing doing, how does it actually see my site – what do you mean it goes through page by page ‘like a real user, really looking at every page….’?

Now….are you manually reviewing your site, as you need to on a regular basis? 

We hear from many organisations who before implementing Sitemorse had the boring, time consuming task of checking each individual page one by one. 

With Sitemorse this task is taken off your to do list and whilst you get on, the automation is doing the hard work.

Once an assessment is complete, role-based priorities are sent to the appropriate person in your digital team. Bite sized videos on actions are available within the Sitemorse Academy giving information on how the action and how to fix it. All this results in faster improvements to your digital footprint leaving your digital team available to improve user experience in other areas. 

For more information on how an investment in Sitemorse is long term, read our recent blog post https://sitemorse.com/news/2019/04/23/considering-sitemorse-investment-not-overhead/

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