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Orientation Sessions – W/C 08/04/2019

SM update General

Sitemorse holds regular experience sessions to enable users to learn more about our service. We offer two types of orientation sessions – the Introduction sessions and Modular sessions.

Sitemorse Orientation – Introduction

The Sitemorse Orientation Introduction session are run by a member of our support team and are designed to get you started with your subscription. They include general service features such as logging in and raising a support request to more in-depth details about accessing reports.

The sessions last for approximately 20 minutes. The first 10 minutes are for the introduction session and the latter for any question’s attendees may have.

Sitemorse Orientation - Modular 

Sitemorse are also holding modular specific sessions on a weekly basis to enable a deeper understanding into specific areas of our reports. These sessions are held by our support and sales teams and include areas such as Brand, Accessibility, Function, and Code Quality. We want users to excel and by providing these session users will be able to learn more about the diagnostics and how improvements can be made. We ask that for these sessions, if you have any specific questions about the module these are made 24 hours prior to the session starting.

These sessions last for approximately 30 minutes, the first 10 minutes will be for the detail about the module, the next 10 minutes are for the questions asked ahead of the session and the remaining 10 minutes are for any questions attendees of the session may have from the session.

Training Schedule

All of our orientation sessions are open to clients and non-clients in line with our straightforward and transparent way of doing business.

The Orientation Sessions we are holding next week are: 

Date & Time



Monday 8th April 2019
15:00 BST

Sitemorse Orientation - Function

Book On

Tuesday 9th April 2019
09:30 BST

Sitemorse Orientation - Introduction

Book On

Thursday 11th April 2019
14:00 BST

Sitemorse Orientation – Introduction

Book On


Please select the ‘Book On’ link next to the session you wish to attend and send the auto-generated email from your mailbox. In return, you will be sent a calendar invitation with all the joining instructions required for the session.

We politely request that you test your connection with the meeting software ahead of the session to allow for a prompt start. If you experience any connection or compatibility issues, please contact training@Sitemorse.com.  

Please note the host of the orientation session will not answer any questions specific to your own site. For individual sessions relating to your site, please contact sales@Sitemorse.com


Automatic delivery - Just-in-time

Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.