We were asked a few question... looking to move from Siteimprove

13 Nov 2018

Sitemorse is an alternative to Siteimprove, and possibly the most common upgrade. Here at Sitemorse we are often asked about how we compare to our competitors such as Siteimprove. On many occasions we find it is as if the questions we get asked have even been made for us…. Here are a few recent examples:

Does Sitemorse check all pages or just the top so many? I know it used to be the top 500 in the past.

There is no limit to the number of pages Sitemorse can check. Our service runs as a weekly schedule (focusing actions, driving incremental improvement) with clients having on demand option to assess as many pages as they like, as and when (subject to service level).

Is there the ability with any of the packages to do page rechecks on demand, and if so is there any limit?

Yes, with Sitemorse you can re-run an ‘unlimited’ number of pages on demand.
With Sitemorse you can define the user type and depending on which user type there are different capabilities available:
  • The Manager view allows for assessment of any site/content even those outside their site / landscape. The Manager can also run the site, or sections as and when they wish.
  • The Section Owner/Manager view allows users to manage their own area and can re-run (say during significant updates) as and when, without needing to raise a request with management.
  • The Page Owner/Editor view allows users either within the CMS or on a live page to assess their content live and they can re-run any page at any time.
  • The Develop view allows self-management of re-running content.

Can Sitemorse monitor several different URLs at the same time, or would it have to be a separate account for each URL?

Either, Heartbeat (our global monitoring system) can look at single or multiple domains. The Manager view has access to all domains in a single dashboard. 

Does Sitemorse include an inventory of the text on our websites? As an example, when I used Siteimprove previously the inventory included every word, so if a terminology changed we could find every instance and change it.

Yes. One area that makes us different is the recording of content, allowing change management to be recorded and demonstrated. We also work inside the CMS and record each incremental page change / update.
For an example of the site search is included with the dashboard, take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/1APt3W9UJNQ

Would Sitemorse be able to check our intranet and online learning sites? Both are cloud hosted and accessed via a username and password.

As long as firewalls and a username and password can be provided to Sitemorse for the sites, then yes Sitemorse should be able to. If possible, the same level of content search would also be possible for this site via the Manager view dashboard.

What is the ‘social’ monitoring mentioned for the DD and DXM packages?

Social media should follow the same content guidelines as your website, i.e. what is allowed to be said (and not) and also be of the same quality (no broken links, missing images, faulty emails etc). With out social media monitoring, Sitemorse applies the same rules that are applied to the content of Web, PDF and Office documents to social media channels.
What’s more the content search can also review social media posts from the Manager view dashboard (we record and keep a historic record).

Take a look at this document for a comparison of our service compares to that of Siteimprove.