Sitemorse Q4 2018 Service Update

29 Oct 2018

It’s always busy here at Sitemorse and this year there has been a lot happening behind the scenes. Here is a summary of the upcoming updates to the service:

Revised Scoring

To bring consistency to results scoring is going to be based on equivalent assessments only removing the sometimes varied scoring when trying to compare 100 vs 10,000 page assessments. We are also changing the way PDFs are included within scoring (ensuring all sites are treated the same). When scoring, rather than ‘every’ PDF found being included the scored will be based on the first 10 PDFs found (by click depth on assessments between 50 and 125 pages) removing the challenge of out of date PDFs bringing down scores, when in reality majority of PDFs deep in your site are viewed infrequently thus the score better reflecting user experience.

Service Optimisation

This quarter we have a number of considerable updates being released, service options being made available. The focused is as ever saving you time, focusing on actions and making compliance ever more achievable. We will be in touch to run through these capabilities and optimise your service to book a 20 minute online demo / service update to set up for instance emails to ensure they are going to the most appropriate individuals(s) ‘by role’.

Live archive

Live archive is a new industry first feature. When you need to locate content on your site, for example, quickly find all instances of ‘xyz’ as there is an upcoming change / update required, this can be performed from your Sitemorse Digital Dashboard. Subject to your service, the data is a historic record of your site held for up to 7 years. This feature will be enabled over the course of this quarter.

inCMS upgrade (currently in first beta) will further enhance this, recording all content changes and updates providing an incremental record of all site updates.

Service Videos

To improve self-service we are in the process of creating around 45 videos to cover all aspects of the service, each broken down by role (how to, Digital Manager BAU, technical detail of XYZ etc) as an example (and we would welcome your feedback) please have a look at this ‘Dashboard Introduction’ video.