Supporting Global Clients

19 Oct 2018

At Sitemorse we believe in delivering the highest standard of customer support for our clients, wherever they are. Our service provides our clients with complete confidence in their digital governance solution and we deliver support services of Download Supporting Global Clients PDFthe same quality.

We serve both public and private sector clients worldwide and, with Sitemorse, time zone and language are not an issue. Most customers require little or no support due to the intuitive interfaces and high quality self-service we provide. On the rare occasions when customers do need support we frequently receive feedback that our service is “superb”. 

Whether clients are based in Aberdeen, Atlanta or Auckland, we aim to address specialist queries quickly and attentively. With Sitemorse, you don't need to pay for professional client services, such as training and onboarding support (as you might have to with other providers, seeking to boost sales). Instead, these services are delivered as standard as part of the Sitemorse offering.

By providing clear and easy-to-access recommendations, Sitemorse does away with endless reporting and makes it simple to make major improvements, fast. Recommendations are provided in limited, prioritised shortlists, so it’s easy to see what to tackle first and to rapidly resolve the most urgent issues. 

What’s more, reports are tailored for each user role, from executives down to content editors, so that users only see what’s most useful for them.

Meanwhile, the process of deploying the Sitemorse service is fast and simple – and we can even launch a client within the same day, if really necessary.

Most importantly though, Sitemorse’s service is intuitive, reliable and robust – and as we deliver training as standard and provide extensive FAQs, few clients ultimately need to reach out for help once the service is fully set up. Indeed, 93% of the support that we provide is not product-related but is educational and about how to maximise value delivered by the service – and that’s something we’re very happy to help with. 

Some of Sitemorse’s international clients include: Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bundesbank, IBM, Merck, Oracle, Tata and Zurich, as well as Air Tahiti, Financial Mentors of America, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. 

Sitemorse Clients Map

Yoann Bellarosa of Air Tahiti said:

“Having a high-standard of customer support is essential when considering a SaaS product, and we’ve always found that that’s exactly what Sitemorse provides. We’re located on the other side of the world to the Sitemorse UK HQ but we’ve consistently received fast, informative responses whenever we’ve had questions or needed help. All of this means that we can have complete confidence in the product and in our digital governance delivery.”

Sitemorse’s US clients, meanwhile, have frequently praised the service, emphasising the value that it offers in helping them to improve their standard of delivery.

“Sitemorse has been a real asset in helping us keep everything up to date,”

Said Justin Cipparone, Manager, Digital Services, at Ivey Business School at Western University.

Meanwhile, Kevin Wright, the Technology Director of Financial Mentors of America, said:

“Sitemorse helped us fill in the gaps within our already existing technology without having to outsource the labour to a different company.”

Read the full document  on how Sitemorse supports clients across the globe.