On-Demand Reporting With Sitemorse

11 Apr 2018

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At Sitemorse, our objective is to make it easy for you to optimise your digital delivery. While a regular testing cycle is essential to ensure that you catch issues as they arise, it can also be very useful to run audits on an ad hoc basis. Sitemorse allows you to do just that.

If you’ve created a new section and would like to test it now, ahead of your next scheduled audit; or you’ve made a fix and want to check whether it’s achieved the intended result, then Sitemorse’s on-demand reporting can provide results fast. Based on simple, easy-to-read and actionable recommendations, you can then make major improvements in no time – and without having to deal with endless reporting.

Simply enter the URL, select the number of pages to review and the desired email to send the information to, and the results will be emailed within an hour (with the time to run dependant on the number of pages to be checked).

All users are able to run ad hoc audits on any site and to send the results to anyone. This includes individuals who aren’t Sitemorse users, which can be useful when sending information to external contractors and agencies, without having to go to the hassle of setting up and managing a new Sitemorse account for them.

About Sitemorse

Sitemorse (www.Sitemorse.com) helps organizations to efficiently drive improved user experience, ensuring that content is always optimised and that compliance requirements are always met. With clients in every corner of the world, Sitemorse (www.Sitemorse.com) sets out to remove endless reporting from Digital Governance and to instead provide actionable insights so that major changes can be made quickly.

The company has now been moving the field of Digital Governance forwards for over 15 years, while remaining privately owned, and continues to provide clients with new tools and capabilities every year. Most recently, this has included a focus on extending capabilities directly within the CMS, as well as addressing the governance / QA service issue of ‘endless reporting’.

Sitemorse (www.Sitemorse.com) helps digital managers to build strong processes and accountability, to minimise risks and to achieve the highest standards of content quality. And with Sitemorse (www.Sitemorse.com), there is no need for the substantial infrastructure, support and accordant costs that are required for manual quality and compliance checks.