Global Accessibility Regulations

03 Apr 2018


Regulation has really been playing catch up until now, and it has taken some time – organisations, starting at the top, have to consider the importance of ever-evolving Digital Regulations. Indeed, regulations around accessibility have been around for some time but have had limited enforcement until more recently, especially across the US in local and central government and within education.

New areas such as GDPR are driving ever more crossover between digital and legal (compliance) teams. However, without having automation to provide appropriate support, efficiency and competitive advantage may well suffer.

There are, of course, challenges for those who regulate and enforce such standards – though we have seen considerably more actions, notices and legal cases over the course of the last year. It is also worth bearing in mind that WCAG 2.1 is said to be on its way – but it could be some time before it is approved or in common use.

Image: Flickr/Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

About Sitemorse

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