Closing the loop – how to prioritise corrective action direct within a CMS

30 Jun 2017

Sitemorse assessments improve the quality of published content by supporting the content production lifecycle. However, it’s essential that this process appears seamless to the those using Sitemorse integrated within a CMS. Sitemorse and a CMS should not be perceived as two separate systems by those dealing with content on a day-to-day basis.

The combination of an independent external view for the assessment of content and a CMS should be seen as complementing each other as part of the content governance process. It’s important to link the content owner with a prioritised list of what really needs to be changed, to save as much corrective time as possible.

Sitemorse CMS Integration means this winning combination is available now to highlight an action as well as supporting the process of prioritisation by routing this to the correct content manager. This can be automated so the action can be taken by the individual directly and presented to them when they login to the CMS.

Screenshot of WordPress CMS Action List

In closing the loop, not only do content managers need to be considered but also developers. There are some problems with a site which content managers have no control over. Typically, these are issues with CSS files or non-content parts of the site such as HTML or how the CMS renders the content (for example, through display templates). Sitemorse can help identify which are pure content problems and which require technical or developer action, and assign accordingly.