Locating global telephone numbers across your entire online presence

22 Jun 2017

At Sitemorse we regularly review our services to help digital teams continually improve how they manage their entire online presence.

One of latest updates is to the ‘Telephone Number’ page of the Inventory which is generated every time an assessment runs. This is a part of Sitemorse assessments which clients find particularly useful if a change in details requires immediate attention. By using this section, if a telephone number has changed, its location and number of occurrences can easily be located and updated.

The latest update to this page includes categories for telephone numbers outside of the United Kingdom such as the United States, China and Hong Kong.

This means for our clients based outside of the UK, telephone numbers for such countries found during a site analysis will be grouped together allowing for clients to have a clear view of what telephone numbers are present across their entire online presence.

Screenshot of the Telephone Number Inventory Page

We hope our users find these improvements beneficial, and feedback is always welcome.  If you have any comments or questions about the new page, please contact Michelle Hay.