Service Update - New List View Page

01 Jun 2017

Here at Sitemorse we are constantly reviewing our service to ensure it meets our clients’ needs.

Our latest update changes the appearance of the List View page within our reports. The list view is accessible for all clients from their dashboard, and the update has been made to make the top-level detail of a report easier to view.

Screenshot of the new List View Page

The list view now includes a larger screenshot of the property which has been analysed, making it clear which property the report refers to.

Columns Alerts, UX, SEO and GRC now display the same triangles as our new dashboard, replacing the circles which will now only be used for scores. If there are priorities to deal with in the relevant category, the triangle will be displayed in orange with the number of priorities in the centre. If there are no priorities the triangle will be in green and show a tick.

The table can be sorted in order of Country, Score, Site Name / Address, Date, Alerts, UX, SEO or GRC which enables our users to sort their properties in an order which suits them.

We hope our users find these improvements beneficial, but your feedback is always welcome.  If you have any comments or questions about the new page, please contact Michelle Hay.