The Sitemorse® 1-million-page giveaway

16 May 2017

In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

The sixth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is approaching this week, with the date set as Thursday 18th May 2017. The purpose of GAAD is to get people from all sectors, industries and countries, talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, and mobile) access/inclusion and people with disabilities.

Across the world various events are taking place, and at Sitemorse® we want to do our bit to help increase the awareness of the topic too, which will ultimately lead to improving the digital experience for all.  In recognition of GAAD, this Thursday, we will be launching our 1-million-page giveaway. The promotion is designed to create awareness around the subject of website accessibility. By giving away 1 million pages of accessibility analysis free, we hope to encourage organisations to make take the first steps in making all their digital touchpoints accessible to everyone, by ensuring that they don’t exclude people with disabilities. 

Infographic of the 1-million-page Giveaway for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Sitemorse® has been analysing sites for accessibility since even before the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day in 2012. Unfortunately, although some sites have come close, none of the millions of websites assessed globally have ever achieved the required standard. Whilst there is regulation and legislation the world over, these essentially draw upon WCAG 2.0, a set of web accessibility guidelines created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). There is speculation though, that the guidelines have been found complex, confusing, or people don’t know where to start. For this reason, the 1-million-page giveaway has been conceived to take away the excuses and get organisations off the starting line and on course for accessibility.

For this reason, the 1-million-page giveaway has been conceived to take away the excuses and get organisations off the starting line and on course for accessibility. It is an important area to broach, as in recent years’ laws have been passed in the US, EU, UK and Australasia that require organisations to be accessibility (WCAG 2.0) compliant. The laws largely apply to government and education websites, but the net is widening and legislation has now also been passed for the airline industry. See our Global Airlines Audit for examples of the detailed reporting available via Sitemorse® INDEX and specific airline results

To receive yours

On 18th May 2017, the date of the next GAAD, Sitemorse® will announce the opening of the 1-million-page giveaway. To take part individuals or organisations simply need to share the LinkedIn post, or retweet our announcement on Twitter.

The offer

Sitemorse® will provide your overall summary and top 10 priorities, along with a detailed analysis of actions that even refers to the line of code. We will also be running online Q&A sessions to understand our reporting rationale.  Terms and conditions apply*.

The report received from Sitemorse® should start the recipient on a path, made simple by 10 priorities for managing and monitoring progress. This allows organisations to see which areas to broach first for the most impact, enables them to set some goals and observe progress over time. It is often said “getting started is the most difficult part”, this approach makes things straightforward and takes away any inhibition to starting the process. 

Terms and conditions

*For up to one month following GAAD (18th May 2017) Sitemorse® will provide a detailed automated analysis of any requested site, technical requirements permitting. The full results of 1 assessment of up to 100 pages per promotion recipient will be made available at no charge. The offer does not include additional support or services. We will be running online Q&A sessions to help users understand our reporting rationale. There is no alternative offered and availability is subject to the sharing or retweeting of the article. We have the right to withdraw this offer at any time.