Article in - Quality Control for your website

27 Aug 2002

England UK, August 2002
Business2www plc (B2W) – developers of the unique website diagnostic testing and performance reporting system Sitemorse™ featured in

The article titled 'Quality Control for Your Site - Have your site checked out by a third-party auditor to keep things running smoothly' looks at the problems facing website owners and managers when looking to check the site for potential errors that cause site to operate incorrectly, ineffectively or worse still not at all.

Websites are now a key component to most business and it is of paramount importance that the site is fully operationally and error free - but how do you effectively test a website, checking every path a user could take? A site of just 50 pages needs many thousands of checks to ensure the site is working, worse still there can be numerous problems that are not directly visible - a example being non-functioning email addresses, a major cause of user frustration. This has found on numerous occasions. especially within Investor Relations area of corporate web sites. Sitemorse™ carries out numerous checks on the links, servers and syntax to ensure that these problems can be addressed very simply and effectively.