Accounting and Audit Firms - 2nd Report and Ranking

09 Aug 2002

Johnston Carmichael and Scott Moncrief Come First and Hacker Young Group Last in Business2www’s Comparative League Table of the UK’s Top Accounting and Audit Firms.

We have applied our unique and increasingly powerful Sitemorse™ automated site testing software to test the, rate and compare the ‘public-facing’ websites of the UK’s top Accounting and Audit Firms.

There are considerable variations between websites, but on average Accounting Firms’ Sites are smaller, have significantly more errors and – perhaps most importantly - run at a rather slower speed compared with the corporate websites of the FTSE 100.

This Report and League Table is the second which will be repeated in October 2002, and January and April 2003.

With the Report you will also receive comparisons where applicable with the average of the 45 sites listed above and with the averages for the corporate websites of the FTSE 100.

To obtain further information on our services and website diagnostic testing products generally, and/or the Accounting and Audit Firms Report and League Table specifically, please contact us.

Given the very considerable initial and continuing investment in your own website, and its increasing importance in providing products, services, information and communication to new and existing clients and customers, we hope very much that you will use the Report and the Full Test on your own site as a thoroughly helpful means of testing our unique service.

As importantly, we believe that our unique Sitemorse™ website testing capability will, for the first time, enable Accountants and Audits – who are under closer scrutiny than ever before following various events primarily in the USA – to test and verify the functional performance of their clients’ websites. We are very keen to speak to leading Accounting Firms about developing this service in partnership with them.