Accountancy Firms’ 2nd Sitemorse website test.

04 Jul 2002

Business2www plc (B2W) The automated website testing specialists, will use the new and unique development of Sitemorse™ to test and compare the websites of the UK’s top 45 accounting firms, including the ‘Big 5’.

The previous site tests in which Scott Moncrieff came top with Grant Thornton last, showed that accounting firms’ websites varied widely in terms of performance, and were no less immune to the errors and other performance problems that beset and bedevil all large, corporate, dynamic websites.

Given the attention that is being paid to the overall performance of accountancy firms, especially in respect of their audit procedures, it is probably more important to this sector that their websites should perform in line with objectives, specification and the considerable amount that has been invested in them.

It is also clearly important that accountancy firms should have the ability to ‘audit’ the websites of their corporate clients, which until the development of Sitemorse™ has effectively been impossible. Most corporate websites now consist of several thousand pages, far too many to be tested comprehensively, internally or manually.

Sitemorse ™ checks every element of every page of a website, regardless of size or location, at the rate of 150-200 pages per minute, depending on the speed of the site.

With appropriate authorisation from the client company, accounting firms can also now conduct these tests on behalf of their clients.

Firms can obtain a FREE summary test report on request. This summary will give details of the number of Site Errors, Site Warnings, Server Response Time and Site Download Speed – the same performance criteria on which the comparative League Table will be based. The summary also gives the price and contents of a Full Technical Report, which provides precise details of errors and problems, enabling them to be located and remedied swiftly.

Philip Sheldon, Managing Director of B2W says ‘My Technical Development colleagues have spent an enormous amount of time and effort in developing this automated and secure reporting and payment process, which can be accessed from any location worldwide, whilst simultaneously making a number of changes to Sitemorse™ itself. Sitemorse™ now reports on around 40 different types of site errors, at the rate of over a million individual checks per minute, to date we have tested over 14,000,000 URL's. I am very pleased that we now have not only a unique and necessary testing tool, but now awesome and unrivalled power and speed, and the ease and security of access and fast response reporting which match it. No organisation now has any reason – or excuse – to have a website which is failing to perform and is thus compromising company performance.’