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10 Jun 2002

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England UK, June 2002 – Business2www plc (B2W) – Website testing specialist has recently been able to help, one of the UK’s leading sources of e-business information and advice.

Business2www and Sitemorse™ specifically were ‘put to the test’ by being asked to test the e-consultancy site.

The site is a large one with about 25,000 pages – but nevertheless all concerned were astonished to find 34,931 errors – an average of over one per page.

The automated test discovered errors buried deep within the site – most of which would have escaped the notice of any manual test. A manual test of 25,000 pages doesn’t bear thinking about – checking 60 elements per page at a continuous rate of 1 per second would have taken over 50 ‘normal’ 8 hour working days and cost over £20,000.00 (based on £400.00 per day) – if possible at all.

In contrast, a full Sitemorse™ Technical Test would have cost no more than £5,000.00 – a quarter of the price and completed in a fraction of the time.

In the event, Sitemorse™ provided precise descriptions and locations for all the errors, presented in a way that makes it as easy and quick as possible for e-consultancy’s technical team to correct them.

Ashley Friedlein, Chief Executive of says

‘I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the Sitemorse™ website test and report. We do not have the time or resources to manually test every element of the site so this tool gave us the confidence that every possible nook and cranny had been checked over in order to optimise performance and site quality. We were efficiently able to address template level as well as individual page level issues.

As websites become bigger, more complex, are changed more often, and are asked to do more and more, such services are going to become increasingly important tools for successfully supporting their maintenance and evolution.”