Morse Audit Products Update

21 Jan 2002

Business2www has modified and simplified our range of immediate and continuous audit products.

Our initial success in gaining business has confirmed that our audit software is unique, and that it cannot be duplicated by internal IT specialists.

We provide four levels of product / service:

- An Initial Free Site Audit which will tell you the number of site errors and warnings, server response time and download speed.

- A Full Technical Report which gives the detailed identification, type and location of all site errors and warnings and a diagnostic report of other site problems, omissions & vulnerabilities.

- A Full Site Audit – for General, Operational and Commercial Management – which includes the Full Technical Report but provides a full ‘Remedies Specification’ as well as Diagnostic Reporting on the causes of errors and problems. These are generally associated with Management Process.

- A tailor-made Audit Process, usually applied on a continuous regular basis in companies with a significant number of websites.