UK Police Forces

2020 Q2Avon and Somerset ConstabularyBritish Transport PoliceGreater Manchester Police (+13)Warwickshire Police Force (-11)
2020 Q1Gloucestershire ConstabularyBritish Transport PoliceAvon and Somerset Constabulary (+12)National Crime Agency (-23)
2019 Q4Metropolitan Police ServiceBritish Transport PoliceEssex Police (+25)South Yorkshire Police (-22)
2019 Q3Derbyshire ConstabularyIndependent Police Complaints CommissionNorthamptonshire Police (+18)National Crime Agency (-30)
2019 Q2Sussex PoliceSouth Wales PoliceSuffolk Constabulary (+24)Northumbria Police (-16)
2019 Q1Metropolitan Police ServiceGreater Manchester PoliceNorthumbria Police (+32)British Transport Police (-24)
2018 Q4Thames Valley PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceBritish Transport Police (+22)Essex Police (-17)
2018 Q3Dorset PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNational Crime Agency (+10)Suffolk Constabulary (-14)
2018 Q2Thames Valley PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceDyfed-Powys Police Force (+22)Cumbria Police (-28)
2018 Q1City of London PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceWiltshire Police (+30)Lincolnshire Police (-13)
2017 Q4City of London PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNorthamptonshire Police (+13)West Mercia Constabulary (-25)
2017 Q3Merseyside PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNorth Wales Police (+16)Cleveland Police (-23)
2017 Q2Cleveland PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceHampshire Constabulary (+33)North Wales Police (-28)
2017 Q1Merseyside PoliceGreater Manchester PolicePolice Scotland (+19)Northumbria Police (-18)
2016 Q4City of London PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceSussex Police (+13)Norfolk Constabulary (-35)
2016 Q3Essex PoliceDyfed-Powys Police ForceDorset Police (+26)Police Service of Northern Ireland (-21)
2016 Q2Essex PoliceDyfed-Powys Police ForcePolice Service of Northern Ireland (+27)West Mercia Constabulary (-16)
2016 Q1Essex PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNorthumbria Police (+17)Warwickshire Police Force (-23)
2015 Q4Essex PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNottinghamshire Police (+17)Staffordshire Police (-24)
2015 Q3Civil Nuclear ConstabularyDyfed-Powys Police ForcePolice Scotland (+20)Lancashire Police (-23)
2015 Q2Civil Nuclear ConstabularySouth Yorkshire PoliceWarwickshire Police Force (+20)Police Scotland (-21)
2015 Q1Civil Nuclear ConstabularyGreater Manchester PoliceNottinghamshire Police (+33)Dyfed-Powys Police Force (-31)
2014 Q4National Crime AgencyGreater Manchester PoliceAsk The Police (+21)Nottinghamshire Police (-37)
2014 Q3Cleveland PoliceSouth Yorkshire PoliceBritish Transport Police (+18)Derbyshire Constabulary (-17)
2014 Q2Merseyside PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceAvon and Somerset Constabulary (+34)Gwent Police (-17)
2014 Q1Merseyside PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceSerious Organised Crime Agency (+20)Nottinghamshire Police (-11)
2013 Q4Police ScotlandGreater Manchester PoliceMetropolitan Police Service (+14)South Yorkshire Police (-16)
2013 Q3Cleveland PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceLeicestershire Constabulary (+43)North Yorkshire Police (-22)
2013 Q2Cleveland PoliceSouth Wales PoliceSouth Yorkshire Police (+23)Leicestershire Constabulary (-38)
2013 Q1Cleveland PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceNorthamptonshire Police (+27)South Wales Police (-28)
2012 Q4Cleveland PoliceSouth Yorkshire PoliceHampshire Constabulary (+22)Sussex Police (-44)
2012 Q3Dumfries and Galloway ConstabularyIndependent Police Complaints CommissionPolice Service of Northern Ireland (+27)Grampian Police (-41)
2012 Q2Dumfries and Galloway ConstabularyHampshire ConstabularyNorth Yorkshire Police (+43)Tayside Police (-35)
2012 Q1Cleveland PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceSuffolk Constabulary (+22)North Yorkshire Police (-36)
2011 Q4Cleveland PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceCambridgeshire Constabulary (+23)Northumbria Police (-31)
2011 Q3Cleveland PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceNorth Wales Police (+51)Police Service of Northern Ireland (-20)
2011 Q2Cleveland PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceGloucestershire Constabulary (+23)Lincolnshire Police (-16)
2011 Q1Cleveland PoliceWest Yorkshire PoliceAvon and Somerset Constabulary (+21)Independent Police Complaints Commission (-25)
2010 Q4Cleveland PoliceWiltshire PoliceMetropolitan Police Service (+39)Essex Police (-16)
2010 Q3Dumfries and Galloway ConstabularyNorth Wales PoliceCity of London Police (+21)Norfolk Constabulary (-23)
2010 Q2Dumfries and Galloway ConstabularyWest Yorkshire PoliceCumbria Police (+28)City of London Police (-30)
2010 Q1Cleveland PoliceNorth Wales PoliceNorfolk Constabulary (+45)Staffordshire Police (-44)
Jan 09Leicestershire ConstabularyNorth Wales PoliceNorth Yorkshire Police (+43)Durham Constabulary (-33)
Oct 08Gwent PoliceNorth Wales PoliceWarwickshire Police Force (+26)West Yorkshire Police (-26)
Jul 08Gwent PoliceWiltshire PoliceFife Constabulary (+33)Wiltshire Police (-28)
Apr 08Derbyshire ConstabularyNorfolk ConstabularyHumberside Police (+29)Kent Police (-31)
Jan 08Gwent PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceWest Yorkshire Police (+37)Gloucestershire Constabulary (-35)
Oct 07Greater Manchester PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceMetropolitan Police Service (+23)North Wales Police (-30)
Jul 07Greater Manchester PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceGrampian Police (+28)Bedfordshire Police (-30)
Apr 07Greater Manchester PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceNorthern Constabulary (+36)South Wales Police (-24)
Jan 07Cheshire PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceSouth Wales Police (+25)Serious Organised Crime Agency (-12)
Oct 06Cheshire PoliceNorth Yorkshire PoliceDerbyshire Constabulary (+19)Independent Police Complaints Commission (-10)
Sep 06Cheshire PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceGloucestershire Constabulary (+16)West Midlands Police (-23)
Jul 06Gwent PoliceSouth Wales PoliceLancashire Police (+24)Metropolitan Police Service (-21)
Apr 06Gwent PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceLincolnshire Police (+34)Thames Valley Police (-14)
Mar 06Cheshire PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceGreater Manchester Police (+12)Lincolnshire Police (-31)
Feb 06Cheshire PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceLincolnshire Police (+24)Central Scotland Police (-15)
Jan 06Leicestershire ConstabularyNorthamptonshire Police