2012 Q1/UK Police Forces

Top Site

This quarter Cleveland Police occupies the top slot maintaining their previous position in the INDEX. Their score decreased by 0.72 from 9.32 in the last quarter.

Most Improved

This quarter Suffolk Constabulary showed the greatest improvement moving up 22 places in the INDEX with a score increase of 3.86 from 4.68 last quarter.

What’s Happened This Quarter…

Top 10
1)Cleveland Police
2)Suffolk Constabulary
3)Norfolk Constabulary
4)Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary
5)North Wales Police
6)Tayside Police
7)Strathclyde Police
8)Leicestershire Constabulary
9)Cheshire Police
10)Northamptonshire Police
Most Improved
(+22) Suffolk Constabulary
(+19) Kent Police
(+18) Essex Police
(+16) Wiltshire Police
(+15) Warwickshire Police Force
Biggest Fallers
(-36) North Yorkshire Police
(-27) Lancashire Police
(-26) West Mercia Constabulary
(-22) Ask The Police
(-17) Thames Valley Police